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Development History

1948 The Nisshin industrial manufacturing Company was founded (Manufactured plastic containers for medicine)
1950 Started the molds department, finished products department, and began to manufacture a wide range of plastic products
1951 Company name changed to OHMI KAKO
1968 Accepted investment capital from small and medium sized corporations in Osaka and with that capital built the Konoike factory in East Osaka city. This allowed for the expansion of the molds factory.
1969 Fukui Factory built in the Takefu-City (Presently Echizen-City),Fukui Prefecture
1971 Added a second large forming factory, final product factory, and spray factory to the Fukui Factory
1973 Added a new mental molds department to the Fukui Factory
1978 Obtained UL certification from the United States for the factories molding processes
1983 Added a mold factory to the Konoike Factory
1985 The corporate office tower is completed (Introduced 3D CAD/CAM for the precision moldings factory
1986 Registered recognition of the Electrical Supplies Ban Act Section 3
1989 Affiliate company Active Co. Ltd established
1993 Nara factory built (Large scale professional forming factory)
1999 Fukui factory expanded and a north factory built
AGI (Gas injection) technology introduced at the Fukui Factory
2000 Fukui Factory introduced magnesium forming machine/gains ISO14001 certification
Nara Factory introduced a 2000 ton large scale forming machine
2001 Osaka area received ISO9002 certification
2003 Osaka area received ISO9001 certification
2004 Osaka area received ISO14001 certification. Nara Factory introduced AGi technology
Konoike Factory introduced high speed warming and cooling system
Set up a production facility in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China. (WOFE)
2005 Nara Factory added a finished product department
2006 Fukui factory received ISO9001 Certification
Wuxi Ohmi factory in China built forming department
2007 Spray factory built in Osaka Daito-City
Wuxi Ohmi factory in China built molds department
2008 Assembly plant built in Fukui Prefecture
2009 Nara factory received ISO 14001 certification
2010 Nara factory added an assembly department
Fukui factory introduced a large scale forming machine (Mitsubishi 1450 EM)
2011 60th foundation anniversary
2013 Chinese Factory built
The company expands assembly factory
2016 The Center building of Fukui factory rebuilt
Vietnamese factory built in LONG DUC INDUSTRIAL PARK




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